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As a content creator, I found it difficult to find affordable studios that looked like a "home,” but found renting people’s actual homes to be costly and difficult. So I came up with a solution.


Our 855 sq. ft studio is designed for influencers, boutique agencies, and indie filmmakers. We're located in the heart of Manhattan, at 38th and 8th ave, near almost every train line in the city. Retail stores like Target and H&M are a 10 minute walk away. Great catering options are nearby for lunch and there are several coffee shops on our block. 

You have access to our prop and set decoration collection with wall art, books, rugs, plants, and tchotchkes. Even our Hollywood vanity-equipped hair and makeup table is shoot-able. You can also to book our in-house crew and gear to film and photograph for your productions.


We have a partnership with LVR Rentals and can get our clients a 20% discount on any additional gear rental organized through Geraghty Creative.

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